CallBar Guide

by Elias Limneos & Joshua Tucker

CallBar Guide and FAQ

Read below to learn how to use CallBar more efficiently.

Q: What gestures does CallBar recognize?

A: CallBar responds to the following gestures:

  • Tap* or swipe right on CallBar to answer an incoming call while ringing
  • Swipe left to decline an incoming call while ringing
  • Tap on the far left icon on CallBar to bring up call options while ringing (outside lockscreen)*
  • When at lockscreen, drag up the phone grabber icon to bring up call options while ringing*
  • When at lockscreen, press sleep button to minimize the incoming call into a table cell*
  • When you have minimized CallBar to a table cell at lockscreen, tap on the table cell to bring up call options*
  • Press sleep button to decline an incoming call while ringing if "Decline Call" is set as a "Sleep button action" in settings
  • Gently swipe up or press sleep button* to minimize CallBar while in an active call
  • Tap* or swipe right on CallBar to dial a typed number from keypad while in Dialer
  • Swipe left to hide the Dialer interface
  • Tap CallBar while in an active or outgoing call to bring up the in-call buttons. Tap again to hide them

* Some options apply only for CallBar v2.0 and greater

In general, tapping* or swiping right is "Accept" and swiping left is "Decline", and it applies in many other cases (e.g. when we are in a call and a second call comes in, swiping right accepts the second call and swaps calls, whereas swiping left declines it)

Q: What happened to Answer/Decline buttons option in CallBar 2?

A: Since CallBar 2 responds to taps for answering, there is no need for buttons. You can tap CallBar to answer the call, or swipe left/press sleep button to decline it.

Q: What does "Use CallBar for all outgoing calls" do?

A: When this option is ON, any call made from any application on the device is handled by CallBar: CallBar banner appears dialing the call, as if you had dialed it from CallBar's dialer interface. This way, you have your device available for anything you might be working on while dialing.

If this option is OFF, an outgoing call will bring up the Phone application's interface. This does not allow you to browse around the device unless you exit the Phone application, leaving you without any in-call options.

Q: What does Answer In-Place do?

A: When this option is ON, answering a call from CallBar does not open the native phone application. It answers the call staying at the application you were at the moment, activating all necessary telephony services so you can continue working.

If this option is OFF, answering a call will open the native phone application and handle the call there, interrupting you from what you were doing (which is not what callbar actually offers :) ).

Q: What does Dialer Activation Method do?

A: It assigns an Activator action to bring up CallBar's Dialer interface.

Note: This is the only way to bring up CallBar's Dialer and place new calls using CallBar.

Q: Why does it show an error when I try to choose a Dialer Activation Method?

A: Most probable is that Activator is not installed. You need to manually install Activator from Cydia in order to assign activation methods.

Q: My mobile carrier provides a visual voicemail interface. Why does Dialer's voicemail button dial the actual number instead?

A: CallBar does not provide visualization of the voicemail interface at the moment. If you need a visual voicemail ,you can use the native phone application.

Note: You can always disable the voicemail button from settings.

Q: Is there an SBSettings toggle to turn CallBar on and off quickly?

A: Yes, you can download CallBar Toggle from Cydia for free.


If you are experiencing any kind of problems with CallBar , you can submit information and help us improve CallBar by doing the following:

  • Install "CrashReporter"
  • Install "syslogd" and reboot your device (sorry, necessary step)
  • After reboot, replicate the problem and open CrashReporter
  • Send syslog and crashlog to
  • Include a detailed description of the problem you are experiencing and maybe what it takes to replicate it

CallBar. Elias Limneos & Joshua Tucker